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Grand Canyon Tour Reviews

Rarely does a day go by when we don't receive a letter or an email from another satisfied customer.  If you've been on a tour or a hike with us, please drop us a line and we will post your letter here!  Send your email to:  testimonials@angelsgatetours.com

Sunset panorama of Grand Canyon South Rim

Tour Reviews

Just wanted to thank the Angel’s Gate Tours for a great experience at the Grand Canyon and especially to our guide, John. 

I don’t usually go for the tour type experience but it was just what you promised – a more personal tour, away from the crowds.  John was really friendly and very informative.  My son Karl had a great time and will have a nice memory of his first trip to the canyon. 

Thanks to John for a great day at the canyon and to Angel’s Gate Tours for an unforgettable experience.

Donna & Karl B.

San Fransisco, CA

We asked our hotel for information about a great tour of the Grand Canyon.  Without hesitation, the Front Desk person gave us your card, made the call, and we were so happy with the results.  There were many cards there to choose from but your company was chosen.  We were on our third trip to the Canyon and your tour was the best.  The information about the history of the area, the telescope, and recommended your company to our family reunion committee.




We have just arrived home to Canada from a fantastic trip to Arizona! 

I would like to send a wonderful thank you to our guide Dan for making the trip to the Grand Canyon exceptional.  The young man was like a walking encyclopedia.  He had my husband and I in a trance with all his knowledge and wonderful stories.  Dan did not miss a beat with answering any questions, relating to the canyon, environment, agricultural, hiking experiences, terrain, his insightful thoughts etc.  I totally grilled him about everything.  He was an absolute delight.

Dan was non-stop talking and sharing with us the whole time we were in the van and on the trail.  Dan had made the trip to the canyons one that we would never forget.  I did not want to leave his side the whole time and believe it or not was somewhat disappointed when he left us on our own to enjoy the scenery and walk the path.  I said to my husband, “don’t leave his side, he knows everything”

After visiting the other destinations throughout our trip with other guides, nothing, and I mean nothing, compared to the service, entertainment, and the feeling that every penny that was spent on the Angel’s Gate Tour was well worth it.  The size of the van was perfect for hearing the guide’s voice and for taking excellent photos.  You could not miss anything.

Keep up the great work!!!!  Dan deserves a raise!!!!  He was wonderful.  Tell him that we made it to Home Depot!!!

Maria and Wayne O.

Ontario, Canada

  • Our guide was pleasant and full of knowledge.  A pleasant day – awesome memory! Food was great.

  • Excellent personalized service.  Guide was thorough, professional and personable.

  • Wonderful can’t say enough!  Great guide wonderful group of 12 – very nice people… The guide took us everywhere – just beautiful – beyond words – he was very nice, knowledgeable – knew what he was talking about and interacted with all of us.  Keep it up!

  • Excellent.  First Class. 

  • Great!   5 Star! 

  • Tour guide was excellent.  Very knowledgeable.  You do just fine!!  Don’t change a thing. 

  • Brandon our tour guide was excellent and well versed in the history of the canyon. 

  • Dan was the best tour guide we had for all the time we did tour at the Grand Canyon.  If I come next year again I want Dan to do the tour. 

  • Dan our tour guide was awesome, spectacular, and amazing. 

Excerpts from comment cards sent to us by a local luxury hotel.

Grand Canyon (Tusayan), AZ

My wife and I would like to compliment you and your staff on your excellent operation of the Grand Canyon tours. 

I am writing to say how much we enjoyed our hiking tour in the Grand Canyon which we took with your company last month.  It was the highlight of our trip to America, not only because of the magnificent scenery of the Canyon but because of the professionalism of your guides.

Without Blaine and Lauren’s expert commentary and assistance the day would have been much less memorable.  Their support and management made the whole trip fantastic and their wealth of knowledge not only of the geography but also the geology, flora and fauna and lucid humorous explanations gave us a great insight into the area.

Once again I should like to compliment your company and your staff for an excellent company, I shall certainly recommend you to anyone I hear is traveling to the Grand Canyon.

 Governor Dick


Good Morning,

I just wanted to send this quick email to thank your company for an awesome vacation, our tour guide Drew was not only very knowledgeable but he was also amusing which made the experience even better.  We had 7 different people in our tour and each one of us was expecting a different experience, the best thing was that all of our expectations were not only met but exceeded.  I will definitely be recommending this company to family, friends, and anyone who will listen.  Please give our many thanks to Drew.

 Idelisa K.


My family and I took an Angel’s Gate tour from our Flagstaff hotel to the south rim of the Grand Canyon in early June.  We all loved it and I would recommend Angel’s Gate.  Compared to [another tour company] we took the day before in Sedona, this was WAY more cost effective, in my opinion.  We were picked up at our hotel exactly on time as promised at 8:30am, and we were dropped off at the hotel approx 5:15pm that day.  We had been to the North Rim before and enjoyed the less crowded feel of it, and did not want to deal with driving in the park and worrying about the shuttles.  They guarantee at least 4 hours inside the park, and they delivered.  Our guide was great, the lunch was filling and plentiful, and there was plenty of soft drinks and water.  We were never rushed, and there was even time for shopping. Never regretted it, had a fantastic day.

 Robetta T.

Naperville, IL

Thank you Kopavi for the day we spent with you on the Grand Canyon tour....  That was a very enjoyable day because of the manner in which you guided us with the various information.  We have already been recommending Angel’s Gate Tours and YOU for a wonderful time.  Thank you again. 

Howard, Deanna, Kim, and Kevin R.

Seattle, WA

I have wanted to see the Grand Canyon all of my life.  Being on the road in my car traveling through with my two sons was not conducive to me driving more than I had to, yet I knew I may not be back for a long time.  I had not thought about a tour.  I checked into our hotel in Flagstaff last Tuesday night and noticed some brochures on the counter.  Your company was highly recommended by the front desk.  I made the split second decision to take the tour the next day.  Luckily, you had a cancellation and were able to fit us in.  It was one of the best traveling decisions I have ever made! 

Blaine was our guide and was excellent.  I could not be happier with the educational and professional manner that he displayed the entire day.  No question was too difficult or too stupid for him to answer with aplomb.  He was so interesting that the others that were not with our group listened in at times.  I have two boys who were so happy with their experience as well.  The tour made them aware of history, culture, botany and geology in a way that a text book could not do.  I also note that Blaine has an assertive and disciplined manner in dealing with issues requiring correction (i.e. no rock throwing over the cliff) that people respond to well.  Blaine also was interested in our input so that he could customize the tour to meet our interests as much as possible.  It was a beautiful day and a wonderful experience.

Thank you for a memory I will never forget.  I will recommend you to others.

Margaret D.

Dallas, TX

This was our first visit to the Grand Canyon.  We wanted to see the best part with the least hassle.  We hired a guide with Angel’s Gate Tour Company and they provided everything they advertised.  Our guide was a safe driver and provided timely and comfortable transportation.  The hiking gear was top quality and met our needs beyond anything we could have anticipated; the backpacks were incredibly comfortable and the hiking poles made the walk much easier.  We have never used hiking poles before and would not have thought of them.  Our guide not only provided 4 bottles of water each, but suggested how much to make sure to drink along the way in order to keep hydrated.  Lunch was of good quality and quantity. 

However, our guide provided more important and unadvertised support as well.  We are from the Midwest.  Upon arrival our children took one look at the Grand Canyon and the youngest one said “I like it better when there is flat land all around me.”  Our guide provided calm and patient support and encouragement, matching his pacing to ours.  He was clearly very experienced but never made us feel like novices.  It was a terrific experience and took us beyond what we thought we could do.”

 Joanne K.

Chicago, IL

Angel’s Gate Tours was terrific and the guides really did a great job.  Everyone commented on how good they were and how interesting they made the tour.  I believe the students thought the trip would be boring but they still talk about how much fun it was and how funny their guides were during the trip.  Blaine did an awesome job of providing the picnic lunch and it was amazing to eat and look out into the Grand Canyon.  Thanks so much for recommending them to us.  [In October, Angel's Gate Tours provided Grand Canyon guides for over 400 high school students participating in a band competition in Flagstaff].

 Teri G.

Tulsa, OK

 Excerpt of a letter to Flagstaff Visitor’s Bureau, Flagstaff, AZ


I just wanted to tell you that my family and I had a FABULOUS time while visiting the Grand Canyon.  We stayed at Amerisuites in Flagstaff and your tour ... picked us up right at 8:30am – our guide was Matt.  The day was wonderful and I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed our guide – he did a great job with questions and information throughout the day.

My parents are planning another trip soon and will be doing another tour.

Thanks for making the trip so memorable.

 Dennise S.

Toronto, Canada

My husband and I took one of your day hike tours with Drew as our tour guide.  We enjoyed it immensely and would like to come back next year with our two children, well not exactly kids as they are 22 and 24… 

Lynn L.

Madison, WI

Thank you for such a great tour (Scenic [Rim] Full Day Tour).  The lunch spread was really beautiful and delicious.  Our guide, Matt, was phenomenal.  He really made our experience one to remember.  Thanks again, and we look forward to referring your company and hopefully coming back one day.

 Claude & Kristen J.

New York

Hey – I spoke with you all several times on the phone to arrange our Secret Desert Oasis Hike.  I feel like you all deserve some feedback & apologize for it being so long coming.

  • You all were great about scheduling, pick up, and answering questions.

  • The food was Super!  Especially since we did not have to carry it!

  •  The guide was very knowledgeable & interesting.

  • The hike was more strenuous than I understood the explanation to be but we were very glad.  It was an adventure & very fun.

  • Since we had read that going up should take 2/3 of the total time, we were somewhat dismayed that our ascent was actually less time, very fast, & short rests.  We were the oldest in the group by many years (could have been their parents!)....

  • We would love to repeat some day & would recommend you all....

The Grand Canyon is awesome & we hope to return someday with the rest of our family.  Thanks for the memory!

Dick & Connie H.

Salem, MA

My wife and I had a pleasurable experience with Mac on our full day tour.  This was our first trip to the Grand Canyon and what a great trip it was. Mac picked us up at the Radisson in Flagstaff at 8:30 sharp and it was fun from there.  We had no idea where to go or what to see or what NOT to see.  Mac is very interesting and knowledgeable.  Thank you again for the time of our life.

Dennis & Jean Y.

Oklahoma City 

I wanted to write and say ‘Thank you!’ for such a wonderful experience.  My husband and I did the Rim Tour and 2 day hikes.  John was our guide each time and he was awesome!  John is knowledgeable, friendly and very easy to be with, (which is nice on LONG hikes!).  During our [Sky Island Hike] one woman dropped out and another barely made it out!  John was patient and helpful and not once made them feel like they were a burden.  Our lunches were light, fresh and healthy.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I was blown away by the whole experience. 

When we told John we weren’t hiking the Grand Canyon one day during our trip he gave us great ‘insider’ tips on where to eat, hikes in the Flagstaff area, cool coffee shops, etc.  We ended up hiking at Red Rock Mountain, visiting a night program and Lowell Observatory and eating at an amazing restaurant called Josephine’s (which we would have never found without John’s directions!). 

We are already planning our ‘extreme’ hike next spring.  We want to spend some nights in the Canyon so we can do some summit climbs!  We can’t wait!  As soon as we know when our daughter’s ‘spring break’ is next year we will be booking our next trip with Angel’s Gate Tours! In addition, my parents are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon now – they have your number!  I told them to ask for Dona when making the arrangements – she was a HUGE help and really made sure we understood what each hike would be like.

I would like to make one suggestion – when booking people for the “Sky Island” hike you should quiz them on their physical condition.  One thing we did learn during our hikes is that some people GREATLY overestimate their physical abilities!  I’m proud to say we weren’t one of them!

Thank you again!

Amanda G.

Portland, ME 

On Monday my family took a tour provided by Angel’s Gate.  We just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time.  Dan did a fantastic job.  The tour was beautiful.  Thanks for a great time.

 The Silber Family

Eugene, OR 

I just wanted to let you know that this past Tuesday I went on a tour with Drew and he did a great job.  The weather wasn’t really all that great and he did his best to keep us informed and show us different things to keep us busy.  I would definitely recommend him and your tours.  Thanks for everything.

 Pam W.

Bakerfield, CA

 The Bannon’s loved our day in the Grand Canyon with John.  Thank you for the great memories!

Greg B.

Grand Rapids, MI

Now that we have returned home to the UK, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and our guide for the wonderful hike.  I would be grateful if you could pass our thanks onto him.

It was a great experience and he was very attentive throughout the hike.  Thanks again.

Paul & Margaret C.

Salisbury, England

Hi there, my name is Jason.  My wife and I took a [Secret Desert Oasis Hike] with Ben..  Ben was extremely knowledgeable about the Canyon and the surrounding areas.  We were pleased to see that he was genuinely concerned for the environment.  Ben made the experience of the Grand Canyon unforgettable. 

Thank you Ben and Angel’s Gate Tours. 

Jason and Michelle M.

Vancouver, CAN

Just wanted to let you know we had a truly wonderful time on our one day Angel’s Gate tour to the Grand Canyon.  Ben was a terrific guide, very knowledgeable and with a fund of great stories.  He was very caring and went out of his way to ensure our comfort and that none of us missed any part of the spectacular views.  We bonded really well with our fellow passengers and at the end of the day all voted it was a huge success.

Nathan and Cecilia O.

Brooklyn, New York

This is a little late coming, but we have only just returned from our wonderful trip around America, and our visit to the Grand Canyon was towards the beginning.  However, we wanted to say how much we enjoyed our tour; it was a good length (but left us extra time), the lunch was good and plentiful, and most of all, our guide Ben was knowledgeable, courteous and fun.  He did a good job of managing a very diverse group (us Brits, a large Italian group including disaffected teenagers, and an interesting man from Texas in camouflage gear).  We particularly liked his making us keep our heads down until we were right in front of the Bright Angel view – John and I had seen the canyon at sunset from the desert viewpoint the night before, but even so that first view on raising our heads was breathtaking.  Thanks to you, and to Ben especially, for an excellent tour; we will certainly recommend you should the occasion arise.

John and Angela J.

United Kingdom

[My family] took your day-long tour of the Grand Canyon.  Just wanted to let you know we enjoyed it very much.  Our guide/driver, Dan, was very informative, helpful and friendly and lunch hit the spot.  Thanks for a great day!

 Linda J.

Pine Bluff, AR

Hello… I just wanted to pass along my thanks for making my trip to the Grand Canyon totally enjoyable.  Gary had all of the facts and then some so all of us on the tour learned as much as possible about this magnificent canyon.  I would heartily recommend your company to anyone thinking about a Grand Canyon tour. 

Gil H.

Tampa, FL

Thank you for the great day, great tour, great guide, great lunch!

 Tom and Liz M.

New York

My family and I went on the Grand Canyon Tour with Mac today and had a great day.  Mac was a great tour guide and host.  He was knowledgeable, congenial and made the day very enjoyable.  We would have no hesitation in recommending your company and Mac to any of our other family members and friends. 

Thanks for the great day! 

Dale, Sandy, Ryan and Brendan F.

Minneapolis, MN

On Tuesday, July 26, 2005, we had an excellent tour of the Grand Canyon with Gary.  He was very knowledgeable and very sociable.  He answered all questions and taught us a lot.  We really liked the view through the telescope and thought that it was a unique idea.  We would recommend your tour to anyone that wants an informative tour of the Grand Canyon.

Pam & Lou N.

New Jersey

My wife and I went on the Grand Canyon Explorer Hike.  Stacey was our guide. 

First I would like to thank the management of Angel’s Gate Tours for not canceling our trip.  We were the only two people signed up for the hike that day.  We had what amounted to a ‘private’ guide for the day.

I would strongly recommend a guided hike.  If it was just my wife and I we would never have gone as far and seen as much as we did if we were on our own.  Our guide’s knowledge of canyon history and geology made the trip even better.  Stacey was great.

 Brad and Pam J.


Thank you so much for inviting Jim and I to experience your Grand Canyon Adventure Hike.  We truly enjoyed the entire day from pick-up to return.  Dan was a great guide providing a wonderful and memorable experience for everyone.  It will be my pleasure to share information on Angel’s Gate Tours and Hikes as I meet with tour operators from around the globe!

 Joyce V.

Flagstaff Visitors Bureau

Took a while to send a big thanks to [Bob and Kopavi]…  Myself and Cathy took a day to hike [on the Secret Desert Oasis Hike] with your guides and it will be forever remembered as a wonderful and informative days hike thanks to them. 

I can’t praise them enough, they were very informative as well as being great fun to be with and when we returned from England we will be seeking your services again for sure.  Once again please pass on our thanks.

 Shaun and Cathy



[I] just wanted to thank you all for a wonderful tour of Grand Canyon, Matt was a perfect guide, very knowledgeable, good sense of humor and very accommodating, we had a great day, one that we will never forget.  I am so pleased I found out about your company on Trip Advisor, I would recommend you to anyone, thanks again and please pass on our appreciation to Matt.


Oxon, UK 

My family and I took an Angel’s Gate tour from our Flagstaff hotel to the south rim of the Grand Canyon in early June.  We all loved it…  We were picked up at our hotel exactly on time as promised at 8:30am, and we were dropped off at the hotel approximately 5:15pm that day.  We had been to the North Rim before and enjoyed the less crowded feel of it, and did not want to deal with driving in the park and worrying about the shuttles.  They guarantee at least 4 hours inside the park, and they delivered.  Our guide was great, the lunch was filling and plentiful, and there was plenty of soft drinks and water.  We were never rushed, and there was even time for shopping.  Never regretted it and had a fantastic day.

 The 5kdude

Just a quick note to thank you.  We had a grand [time] guided by Gary…  We saw and learned a lot more information with Gary and the scope than we would have ever seen or known by just doing a self guided tour.  I would highly recommend your guided tour.  Gary was very knowledgeable and professional.  The lunch was an added touch.  Thanks again. 

Amy and Warren

 Loved our tour !

 Stan and Janice C.

 Salt Lake City, UT

My wife and I were recently staying at an RV park in Flagstaff AZ, and arranged for a Grand Canyon tour.  Our driver was Dan and my wife and I thought the tour was interesting, educational and well worth the price.  Dan answered all our questions, kept the tour on schedule, but didn’t rush us.  We had a nice lunch, and Dan gave a very informative talk on the geological history of the Canyon.  Dan’s experience and enthusiasm certainly contributed to a pleasant tour.


Bob and Barbara

Millis, MA

I would like to take this moment, though I should have done this a long time ago, to send your company a Huge THANK YOU for all that you have done.  Not only was the tour one of the most awe inspiring experiences in my life and my family’s and not only did we have one of the best, if not THE best, tour guides of our vacationing experience, but what transpired after the tour was over and days later.  We had taken the tour with Blaine, a hell of a guide mind you, and we had discovered that the souvenirs we had purchased on the trip we had left on the van.  We didn’t notice this until later in the week and when we were already packed to go back home to Illinois.  We called your office explained our predicament and gave you our home address.  A few days later the package arrived at our home.  Besides the outstanding guide that he is and the fantastic tour that your company provides, I just want to say that that act all by itself just shows what integrity and honesty your company and it’s employees possess.  You guys are a class act.  In the future you’ll get my business, and I'll let anybody and everybody know about that act.  So once again I just wanted to say for my family and myself THANKS for the tour and the integrity.

 Ralph M.

Aurora, IL








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