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Grand Canyon Tours from Phoenix


Phoenix airport to Grand Canyon through the cactus.

Phoenix, Arizona is the twelfth largest metropolis in the United States with a population of just over four million people.  It's big.  And it is a popular destination for sporting events (especially Winter golf), and the city hosts many conventions.  Contrary to popular belief it has actually snowed in Phoenix, but that weather phenomenon is so rare that the such a freak snow storm usually makes national and world news.  Hot and warm is the usual order of the day.  The city is aptly named after a charred bird.

Phoenix Bird on fire

The Best Times to visit Phoenix

The best time to visit Phoenix is in the Winter.  Period.  The early Spring and late Fall can be okay.  But Phoenix is unbearably hot in the Summer.  It is true that the runway at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport hasn't actually melted, but the temperature has gotten so high that they had to ground flights because the aircraft specification charts didn't go that high.  It is better to avoid Phoenix in May through October, and head to Flagstaff in the Summer and Sedona in the Spring and Fall.


Available Tours from Phoenix

Grand Canyon Tour Sedona Tour

Yes, that is all we currently offer from Phoenix and Scottsdale. But, fear not, our reservationists have lots of friends in the "Valley of the Sun".  Give us a call, and we can find more for you to do.

Phoenix Hotels

Downtown Phoenix Skyline

Phoenix and it's suburbs have literally thousands of hotels.  So, we had to pick and choose.  Our tours pick up at many of the hotels in Eastern Phoenix and the ritzy suburb of Scottsdale.  All of our tours pick up only at the Phoenix and Scottsdale hotels that are listed on this site.  If your hotel is not on the list, then don't worry.  We will give you the easiest and most convenient location to meet your tour.  The phone numbers to call are at the top and bottom of this page.

Tours by Departure City

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