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Grand Canyon Tours from Scottsdale


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Scottsdale, Arizona was not incorporated until 1951, although the area has been inhabited since the late 1880's.  The famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright established his winter camp in the area in 1937.  Today, Scottsdale is the upscale and posh suburb of Phoenix.  It is home to the Phoenix area's most prominent and wealthy residents, and it is the most popular area of the metropolitan area for tourists.  In fact, a New York Times travel article in 2010 called Scottsdale a "hip and happening" party.

What is the best time to visit Scottsdale?

As mentioned, Scottsdale is an Eastern suburb of Phoenix, and the weather is essentially the same as the surrounding city.  The Winter season is an excellent time to visit, especially when most other locations in North America are snow packed.  Spring and Fall can be okay, but temperatures often exceed 100F (38C) even at those times of year.  Summertime visitors will likely be restricted to air conditioned buildings, vehicles, and the many popular swimming pool bars.  In general, we feel that Flagstaff is nicer in the Summer and Sedona is pleasant in the Spring and Fall.


Available Tours from Scottsdale

Grand Canyon Tour Sedona Tour

Yes, that is all we currently offer from Phoenix and Scottsdale. But, our reservationists have lots of contacts in the hip and happening town.  We can easily find more activities for you to do in the area.  Give us a call now.

Scottsdale Hotels

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Our Grand Canyon and Sedona Tours pick up at most spas, resorts and hotels in Scottsdale.  Visit our Scottsdale hotel page for a map and listing of hotels and pick up locations in the Scottsdale area. There are many unique and interesting resort style hotels in Scottsdale, and our reservationists can help you choose the right one for your own personal needs and desires.

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