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Native American Tours

Four Polaroid photos from Native American Tours

***PLEASE NOTE: Our Native American Tours are currently not operationg and are tentatively scheduled to resume in June 2021 (Date is subject to change)***

   We offer three tours to the Native American lands of Northern Arizona.  Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley are the most famous areas on the Navajo Reservation.  In the center of the Navajo lands lie the cliff top villages of the Hopi Tribe. And finally, the central Arizona town of Sedona is not technically on a reservation, but is a resort town that is famous for it's red rock formations, native influence and new age spirituality.


Antelope Canyon Tours

Base of Antelope Canyon on a tour

In the far Northern portion of Arizona, near the Utah border, is the unique sandstone narrows of Antelope Canyon.  This unique canyon twists and turns through a labyrinth of light and shadows.  It is hundreds of feet deep, but only inches wide in some locations.  A photographers paradise.


Monument Valley Tours

Man relaxes on a Monument Valley Tour

The jagged mesas and buttes of Monument Valley were made famous by the John Ford Western movies of 1930's and 40's.  These stunning monoliths rise thousands of feet about the valley floor.  Located deep in the heart of the heart of the Navajo Reservation.


Hopi Tours

Ladders on the Hopi House

The cliff top villages of the Hopi Tribe are thought to be the oldest continually occupied villages in North America.  The Hopi Reservation lies is located at the tribally described "center of the universe".  It is a unique culture and religion that forbids and photography or recordings on their land.  This is an authentic visit to Native American culture.


Sedona Tours

Woman viewing red cliffs in Sedona

Although Sedona is not located on an Indian Reservation, it is heavily influenced by Native and New Age spirituality.  This resort town is surrounded by terra cotta like sandstone formations, and is known for both it's natural beauty and plentiful art galleries.  Our tours to Sedona include a two hour backcountry jeep adventure (optional), and other activities can be easily arranged.


Map of your Native American Tours

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