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Our tour pick up locations begin on a limited basis in the Metropolis of Phoenix and it's suburb Scottsdale.  Most of our tours originate in the more popular tourist destinations of Sedona and Flagstaff.  In addition, depending on the tour, pick up may occur in the Northern Arizona towns of Williams, Tusayan and Grand Canyon Village inside the national park.  Click on the city links below to find a complete list of all tours that are available from each departure city.


Map of departure cities for all tours

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Tours from Phoenix

Skyline Panorama of Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona, is a large city of over four million people (in the larger Phoenix metropolitan area).  The best time to visit is in the late Fall, Winter and Early Spring.  Phoenix can get abysmally hot in the Summer with temperatures exceeding 120F (49C).


Tours from Scottsdale

Golf courses dot the city of Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona, is an upscale suburb of Phoenix.  The temperatures and best time to visit are the same as that of Phoenix.


Tours from Sedona

Red rock cliffs tower over the town of Sedona Arizona

Sedona, Arizona, is famous for it's red rock formations, spiritual vortexes, and celebrity homes.  Sedona is best visited in the Spring and the Fall.  Summer time temperatures can be uncomfortably hot, and it can get very cold in the Winter.


Tours from Flagstaff

Peaks above the town of Flagstaff Arizona

Flagstaff, Arizona, is an excellent place to stay as a base camp for all of your Northern Arizona activities.  The best time to stay in Flagstaff is late Spring, Summer and early Fall.  Temperatures have never exceeded 100F (38C) in the Summer.  Expect snow in the Winter.


Tours from Williams

Route 66 heritage in Williams Arizona

Williams, Arizona, is a small town (population 3000) located just to the West of Flagstaff.  In general, Flagstaff has a wider selection of hotels and restaurants, but Williams can appeal to those who want a smaller town atmosphere.  Seasonal temperatures are the same as Flagstaff.


Tours from Grand Canyon Village

Rim side hotel in Grand Canyon Village Arizona

Grand Canyon Village is located on the South Rim inside Grand Canyon National Park.  There are six hotels, and a couple of restaurants and cafeterias.  Weather conditions approximate those of Flagstaff.


Tours from Tusayan

Tusayan, Arizona (not to be confused with Tucson) is a very small town just to the South of the Main Entrance to Grand Canyon National Park.  It is common for travelers that cannot get a room inside the national park to stay in one of the four hotels in Tusayan.


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